Field names are now user-defined within your enterprise

A new version (10.2.121) of the LRS Lite Utilities has been published:

This version removes all hard-coded fieldnames (except for the “MRoute” fieldname used to identify R&H Marker features). The fields are now set in the LRS Options dialog. A command button has been added above the combo-box for selecting an Engineering Station layer that lets you define the fields that apply to these layers. A third tab has been added to the dialog that lets you access a button to display a form for defining fields related to LRS Event tables.


  • The route layer field is defined within the route layer properties.
  • Many of these fields allow for multiple fieldnames (by placing a space between the names). You’ll see an error message if you attempt to define multiple fieldnames for an entry that doesn’t allow them.

3 minor bug fixes in LRS Lite

A new version (10.2.118) of the LRS Lite toolset has been released.

This version includes the following enhancements:

  • The ‘Pan To’ context menu item for the From and To XY coordinates input has been modified to work correctly. The tool would only work if the XY textbox was the active form control. It now works even when the XY textbox is not the active control.
  • Modified the geocoder routines. They were still using the deprecated LRM_Type codes of 71, 81, and 91 to identify ramps. The geocoder now uses codes 74 and 75 per the LrsSubType domain.
  • Modified the ‘Display Measures’ tool -- as it would occasionally display an error related to attempting an operation on an empty geometry when using the tool on a non-simple polyline shape.

LrsTools Support for ArcGIS 10.2.2

We’ve placed updated installs for our utilities in the downloads folder.

ArcGIS 10.2.2 installs are now available for these products:

  • ATIS Utilities
  • Centerline Utilities
  • Curve and Grade Utilities
  • EditTracker Utilities
  • General Utilities
  • GIS Works Geoprocessing Tools
  • LRS Advanced Utilities
  • LRS Lite Utilities
  • Roads and Highways Data Model Utilities

Let me know if you have any installation issues.

Geocoder enhancements . . . (a couple more)

A new version (10.2.117) of the Lite toolset now exists.

This version incorporates the following enhancements to the geocoder’s ‘Write New Solution to Database?” dialog:

  • The label is determined for the record and is displayed behind the ObjectID. Note that a label is NOT displayed if it resolves to an empty string.
  • The status ‘geocoding <LayerName> (## of ##)’ is displayed between the title bar and the ‘Geocoding Results’ label.

Geocoder enhancements . . .

A new version (10.2.114) of the Lite toolset has been released.

This version incorporates the following enhancements:

  • Modified the geocoder so that it will output the Object IDs of all features with a SWO or NEO > 0 as failed geocodes when the ‘Restrict solving where offsets are non-zero’ checkbox is checked on the LRS Geocoding Wizard.
  • When geocoding multiple layers, you can stop processing ALL layers by pressing the Ctrl key while clicking the ‘Stop Geocoding’ button on the ‘Write New Solution to Database?’ dialog.

Enhancements to LRS Attribute Editor dialog

A new version (10.2.113) of the Lite toolset has been released.

This update includes the following enhancements:

  • Modified the LRS Attribute Editor’s merge utility to allow a tolerance when comparing measures for equality (similar to the process of finding adjacent features when moving an endpoint).
  • The feature layer’s name is now displayed in the LRS Attribute Editor’s caption.
  • The LRS Attribute Editor’s treeview now displays tooltips.
  • The text for the selected feature in the Treeview now appears in bold. This will help identify which feature is selected in the treeview when it no longer has focus.
  • Modified the LRS Attribute Editor to address the issue with referent measures that are null.