Introducing a tool to 'Simplify Horizontal Curves'

Version (10.2.13) of our Curve and Grade utilities is here.

This version includes a new tool named ‘Dissolve Horizontal Curves’.  It attempts to dissolve/merge adjacent non-class ‘A’ polygons created in the ‘Construct Horizontal Curves’. Class ‘A’ curves can be absorbed into a dissolve if the length is less than the distance specified in the dialog. Curves having opposite signed radii are also not allowed to dissolve.

Maximum Chord Length can be specified for Horizontal Curves

A new version (10.2.6) of our Curve and Grade Utilities are available

This version incorporates the following modifications to the ‘Construct Horizontal Curves’ utility:

  • Added a textbox to the dialog to allow the user to specify a ‘Maximum Chord Length’.  Whenever the distance between two points exceeds this value, the curve between these points will be considered to be straight.

This enhancement prevent the miscalculation of curvature around arcs that bend sharply with minimal vertices near the bend.

LrsTools Support for ArcGIS 10.2.2

We’ve placed updated installs for our utilities in the downloads folder.

ArcGIS 10.2.2 installs are now available for these products:

  • ATIS Utilities
  • Centerline Utilities
  • Curve and Grade Utilities
  • EditTracker Utilities
  • General Utilities
  • GIS Works Geoprocessing Tools
  • LRS Advanced Utilities
  • LRS Lite Utilities
  • Roads and Highways Data Model Utilities

Let me know if you have any installation issues.