Exception SQL String provided - Select Nearest & Assign

A new version (10.2.32) of the Centerline Utilities is here.

This version includes the following enhancements:

  • The ‘Select Nearest and Assign’ tool has been modified to display a file showing SQL strings that can be used to query features that did not get an assignment, OR were assigned based upon one endpoint and the midpoint being within the buffer distance when doing a polyline to polyline assignment.

Note: This enhancement has NOT been applied to the equivalent GP tool named 'Assign Nearest'.  (It would not be good practice for a GP tool to open a text file.) 


Introducing 'Point and Align'

A new version (10.2.29) of the Centerline tools has been released.

This version incorporates the following:

  • We’ve included the ‘Point and Align’ tool for the first time in a general release. This is a construction tool (similar to ‘Point and Reach’). This tools operates in a modal fashion. A dialog will be displayed when the user has clicked on the map allowing the user to set the parameters to be stored with the new feature.

This is our original tool developed several years ago.  It will be replaced in the future by a tool that will operate in a non-modal fashion using a dockable window. However, this provides something for now.

LrsTools Support for ArcGIS 10.2.2

We’ve placed updated installs for our utilities in the downloads folder.

ArcGIS 10.2.2 installs are now available for these products:

  • ATIS Utilities
  • Centerline Utilities
  • Curve and Grade Utilities
  • EditTracker Utilities
  • General Utilities
  • GIS Works Geoprocessing Tools
  • LRS Advanced Utilities
  • LRS Lite Utilities
  • Roads and Highways Data Model Utilities

Let me know if you have any installation issues.