3 minor bug fixes in LRS Lite

A new version (10.2.118) of the LRS Lite toolset has been released.

This version includes the following enhancements:

  • The ‘Pan To’ context menu item for the From and To XY coordinates input has been modified to work correctly. The tool would only work if the XY textbox was the active form control. It now works even when the XY textbox is not the active control.
  • Modified the geocoder routines. They were still using the deprecated LRM_Type codes of 71, 81, and 91 to identify ramps. The geocoder now uses codes 74 and 75 per the LrsSubType domain.
  • Modified the ‘Display Measures’ tool -- as it would occasionally display an error related to attempting an operation on an empty geometry when using the tool on a non-simple polyline shape.