Z-value support for Insert Vertices

With version 10.2.48 of the GP Tools, the Insert Vertices tool has been augmented to support the application of Z-elevation coordinates onto non-colinear 2d centerlines which are z-enabled but have no Z-coordinates.

  • The tool has been modified to include a new checkbox input to allow the user to specify whether or not they want the nearest polyline vertex within the buffer to move to the point location and other vertices in within the buffer to be removed. This option is labelled as ‘Move Points within Buffer Distance’.
  • If the polyline and point sources are both z-enabled, the utility will copy the z-values from the point to the inserted vertex on the polyline when the ‘Insert’ option is selected. Note that this will occur when the ‘Move Points within Buffer Distance’ option is not checked,  of if there are no polyline vertices within the buffer distance if it is checked.
  • When the point z-values are used to populate the z-value for an inserted polyline vertex as described above, it will be factored to the appropriate units (provided both the point and polyline sources have vertical spatial references assigned to them).