Elimination of 'Null' measures in Intersection table

A new version (10.2.43) of the LRS Advanced Utilities has been released.

This version includes the following enhancements:

  • Modified the ‘Make LRS Geocoding Tables’ utility to address an issue in which the ‘int’ table was occasionally populated with Null measure values when the route's shape was not simplified.

More mods - Page 2 of Lrs Intersection Table Wizard

A new version (10.2.42) of the Advanced utilities are here.

This version of the utilities addresses the following issues:

  • The Make LRS Intersection Table’s ‘Load From File’ functionality has been modified to retrieve the path to the LRS file correctly when the filename has been flagged in the logging file as ‘Altered’. The error message in the email on 3/17/2014 shows that the LRS file was found because the utility was looking for a filename that ended in ‘.lrs (Altered)’ and no file was found with that extension.
  • Modified the behavior of the Load and Save buttons. The Load button is supposed to return to the location of the folder of the last LRS file imported into the utility. However, it seems that the INI file wasn’t being written to (due to lack of permissions) on Windows 7 computers (and probably Vista before 7). I’ve restored the ability to write the INI file. I’ve also modified the Save button to place the user in one of these folders (in order of preference):
  1. The folder of the last LRS file loaded during the current ArcMap session,
  2. The folder of the Last LRS file written to the logging file, and
  3. The folder written to the .INI file.