Rebuilt 'Construct Profile' dialog and modified behavior of 'Process Profile' dialog

Curve and Grade Utilities has a new version (10.2.12):

This update includes the following modifications:

We’ve rebuilt the entire ‘Construct Profile’ dialog. This allowed us to change references to UserProfile to RedlineProfile and fix changes with overlapping controls without having it corrupt the form. (This has been a problem with some of the forms converted a long time ago from VB6).

We've modified the ‘Process Profile’ dialog to automatically set the form parameters when the form is displayed. For example, if there is only 1 possible value for the Route Identifier field it will pick it. It will also persist the output summary table so that it doesn’t have to be set each time the dialog is invoked within the same ArcMap session.

We’ve done a fair amount of checking to ensure that the ‘Construct Profile’ dialog is working as it should, but we did rewrite the whole thing and it’s possible we may have missed something.