Make Line Events From Point Events

This tool can be used to create LRS line events (an OnRoad with 2 different measures) from ordered (i.e. sorted) LRS point events (only one measure) by copying the known measure from one event (as the event's begin measure) to be the end measure of the next event.

The tool has been used to extend surface cracking readings that cover small areas to extend out to the next location of sampling.  It has also been used to convert a layer of milepost points into a layer of linear segments between mileposts.

See the Step 1: Assign LRS Definitions to Pavement Condition Rows model in the AdotPavements2016.tbx for practical use of this tool.

Syntax:  MakeLineEventsFromPointEvents (Input_Rows, OnRoad_Field, Known_Measure_Field, Unknown_Measure_Field, Measure_Sort_Order, Valid_Route_Measure_Limits_Table)