And LrsTools LOVES Arizona!

Arizona loves Lrs Tools for ArcGIS

LrsTools for ArcGIS is a suite of extensions, add-ins, and geoprocessing elements for efficiently and effectively constructing and maintaining linear routes and events in the ArcGIS Desktop platform. The suite has migrated from its early days in AML and Avenue to contemporary platforms in ArcGIS..

The tools are the creation of Works Consulting LLC of Arizona, USA. They precipitated from the mid-1990s concept of the "intersection table" espoused by Peter Girard (then) of Esri. They were migrated to newer platforms to support perennial data development projects for transportation inventories in the southwestern USA.  By 2007, Arizona DOT sought to license the tools in order for their in-house GIS technicians in the planning department to take a greater role in developing Arizona's databases. 

By 2013, Arizona DOT made it a requirement for Esri to replicate core functionality of Arizona's GIS business practices (i.e. LrsTools for ArcGIS) in their new Roads & Highways product before ADOT would sign onto the Roads & Highways methodology for their enterprise.

LrsTools for ArcGIS continues to expand its functionality and capabilities in order to provide a method for the GIS professional to continue to maintain event data in the ArcGIS Desktop platform utilizing the "intersection table" concept as adopted by Roads & Highways.  LrsTools for ArcGIS still contains the full functionality — whereas Road & Highways carries only a subset of LrsTools functionality to enterprise GIS users.